Pallet Nailing Machine Forest PT 4000


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Technical data and description of the machine


Pallet nailing machines

DEVICE 100% New.

CN nailers for nails in coils are used in the machine.

The machine consists of two work tables. Boards can be placed on one table and a pallet is nailed down on the other table. This arrangement allows 100% use of the device.

Pallets can be stacked:

Top on 5 boards + 3 bottoms

Top on 6 boards + 3 bottoms

Top on 7 boards + 3 bottoms

Top on 9 boards + 3 bottoms

Pallets on skids (squared)

Possibility of nailing pallets in dimensions 1400x3500


- capacity 2 pallets per 1 min

-Total power 1000W, power supply 230VAC

-Air 400L/min

-Dimensions: length 5600cm, width 2200cm, height 2200cm

-Quick adjustment of the pallet dimension change height automatically adjusts itself boards do not have to be perfectly equal in thickness.

-Easy to use, any setting of driving nails with the choice of driving nails and the number of nails driven

-Number of nailers in standard 8 pcs, the possibility of mounting 10 pcs

-User manual

- CE marked

-Operating training

-12 months warranty

- Post-warranty service

Each device is tested at our facility to ensure that it is 100% functional. Final tests with the client.

Possibility to see the device at work on our plant producing pallets on one table

Video from machine's work


Delivery time up to 2 months. 

Leasing possible

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